eSolar CUBO

prodotti_esolar cuboeSolar CUBO is an integrated device for the optimization of energy efficiency and monitoring of photovoltaic installationseSolar CUBO includes a home automation engine, using the KNX communication protocol, the only global standard open for home and building automation in accordance with CEI EN 50090 e ISO/IEC 14543.

eSolar CUBO links the powerful features of family eSolar products, the analysis and planned management of consumption optimization, typical of control systems for energy efficiency, thanks to the powerful synergy with the KNX motor of which is equipped with. Via web interface allows the setup of schedules and home automation operating logics related to PV production regimes. In simple and intuitive mode shows the trend analysis of the efficiency of the system, to allow the needed policies definition to increase consumption and maximization of production plant. eSolar CUBO supports the CEI 0-21 and CEI 0-16 norms.


Easy installation and configuration
Integrated web interface for easy consultation
Multi-compatibility with different PV devices

  • inverter
  • string controllers
  • energy meters
  • multi-brand energy meters (after checking compatibility)

O&M activities support tool
Details of technical and economic information
Management of historical data with the possibility to export multiformat data

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